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Foundry Plant Company Profile

    Wulian Shengye Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the local government to build a casting company with a production capacity of 15,000 tons with the support of Rizhao government. The process adopted is the most environmentally friendly tidal sand process.

  The company’s operating objectives are efficient, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection. 

  Therefore, the company invested about RMB30 million in the early casting equipment, of which the model production line purchased is the current domestic advanced automatic static pressure molding line (Germany KW technology + Qingdao Huaxin), it is automatic iron casting production line with flask ,its modeling advantages are as follows:
◆The compact sand mold has strong ability, uniform compactness and high hardness, which can produce complex castings;
◆The casting has high dimensional accuracy and good surface roughness; (reducing the time of shot blasting/grinding process)
◆High molding efficiency (designed with an annual output of 15,000 tons of castings), low labor costs, and labor is one-tenth of traditional casting;
◆High degree of automation, each unit is equipped with automatic sensor detection, and the labor environment of workers is good;
◆The hydraulic system adopts constant power variable pump, which is energy saving and environmentally friendly;
◆The whole line has no sanding operation, the pouring section and the cooling section are equipped with a closed dust removal system, the noise is small, and the workshop is environmentally friendly without floating dust;

The purchased wet sand production line -sand preparation also green sand treatment line with a processing capacity of 60 tons per hour is an advanced production line with the following advantages:
◆The sand mixing system adopts a continuous high-efficiency energy-saving sand mixer, which is more than 70% energy-saving than the traditional sand mixer. The sand mixer is closed and more environmentally friendly.
◆The whole line of control system is very advanced, with automatic online temperature detection system and automatic online moisture detection system, which makes the modeling process parameters more precise.
◆ The main equipments running online have adopted frequency conversion control to make the production line more energy efficient.
◆ There are dust removal points between each single machine, and a pulsed environmental dust collector with large filtration area is adopted to make the production site more clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
◆The two 2 ton/hour electric furnaces purchased are steel shell furnaces that meet the national requirements. The output voltage is 600 volts, which is more energy efficient. In the smelting process, a sealed dust removal system is adopted, which is equipped with a high-temperature cold air replenishing device, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.
◆ Other auxiliary machines and post-process sections meet safety production and environmental protection requirements.
In summary, our company adheres to the guiding ideology and concept of green, high efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, creates a safe and clean working environment, and presents a brand new foundry with advanced equipment and excellent technology.



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