5T/H Resin Sand Lines ; Resin Sand Reclamation line

Resin Sand Reclamation line is our popular casting line in foundry workshop

5t/h resin sand regeneration line

Resin sand lines reclamation lines

The sand regeneration line includes one set Y335 magnetic separation belt conveyor, one set crusher , two sets TDQ180 bucket elevator, one set S954 through magnetic separator, one set double-stage regenerator (including secondary air separation), one set screw feeder, one set S255 fixed two-arm sand mixer, one set dust removal system and one set electric control system.

I. Technical Parameters of Sand reclamation line:
1, sand reclamation processing capacity is 5t/h.
2. productivity of two-arms continuous sand mixer is 5t/h
3, the film removal rate ≥25%
4. The content of micro powder ≤ 0.5%
5. sand mixing uniformity error ≤ 3%
6. The quantitative accuracy error of liquid materials is ≤ 1.5%
7. PLC control is adopted for electrical appliances.
8, dust emission concentration of dust removal system is less than 120 mg
9, the system noise is not more than 90 decibels


Post time: Dec-20-2019

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