Application Of Sand Mixer Machine In Industry

S202 Type sand mixer is a new type of high efficiency sand mixer, which is mainly used in the mixing of sand core sand and is an ideal equipment for mixing resin sand core sand. Its characteristic is the sand mixing efficiency is high, the mixed sand period is short, its working mechanism is symmetrically installed by two sand blades in the cross head. When the driving device of mixing sand is driven by high speed, two blades with special helix angle are rotated and the material in the spherical machine basin is stirred strongly.Sand Mixer Machine
The machine basin is spherical on the one hand can reduce the sand-heap dead angle, is advantageous to accelerates the sand flow the circulation; On the other hand, under the action of the spiral vane, the sand flow is oriented on the ball by using the inertia of sand, and then rolled down under the action of gravity, then it is thrown Thus, the parabolic material in the machine Basin to form a 18-shaped three-dimensional material circulation. The main spindle speed of the sand mixer is very high, (320r/min), the throwing diffusion of the blades on the material, the convection friction and the tumbling action are very strong, so the sand mixing efficiency is very high, and the mixing sand cycle is 30-60s. (You can adjust it as needed).Sand Mixer Machine
When making core sand, most foundry plants use resin sand to make cores. Because of the small amount of core, the corresponding resin sand is small. In the process of mixing a small amount of resin sand, many enterprises will choose the relatively inexpensive price of the bowl-shaped resin sand mixer or rotor mixer to mix resin core sand. The two kinds of sand mixer are mixed with small amount of core sand (50-100 kg), and the use of artificial sand and add curing agent and resin. The operation is of high labor intensity and has a certain risk (because the curing agent has strong corrosivity).Sand Mixer Machine
For large-scale foundry, the use of continuous casting sand mixing process, large-scale production of castings, with core sand in the characteristics of large, elected with bowl-shaped sand mixer or rotor-type mixer machine can not be continuous production operations. In this case, it is best to choose a continuous resin sand mixer to mix resin core sand, the selection of continuous resin sand mixer sand mixer core sand need to pay attention to the following points and mixed resin sand different places: the original sand different. Resin sand when the general choice of 70 mesh-100 purpose sand more, and mixed core sand when the selection of 100-140 mesh best. Sand selection of different. Sand Mixer Machine
Molding resin sand can be used for re-use of old sand, and the core sand can only be mixed with new sand, can not choose the old sand. The amount of resin added is different. When the core sand is mixed, the amount of resin added is generally more 0.3-0.5% or not than mixed sand. The amount of curing agent is different. Due to the different amount of resin added, the corresponding curing agent is also different. Therefore, in the selection of continuous resin sand mixer sand mixer to make sure to attract attention.Sand Mixer Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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