Automatic Sand molding unit is trail running

Fully automatic hydrostatic Green sand molding line
1.1 the main structure of the molding machine
it is considered to be an ideal molding method for green sand, and its equipment is mainly composed of louvered addding sand hopper, multi-contact, residual sand frame, template frame, lifting table and template replacement device, Upper frame moving device, out-of-machine fast-changing board device, etc. (quick-change plate as an option).

molding unit
The compacting process is divided into four processes: (1) adding sand by natural falling method through louveredwindow type sand-adding bucket, and so on (the quick-changing plate is the option), the compacting process is divided into fourprocesses:

(1) adding sand by natural falling method through the louvered window type sand-adding hopper, and so on. Fill the sandbox and residual sand box by weighing the molded sand.

(2) the compacted sand mold is finally compacted under the multi-contact compaction, and the compaction specific pressure can be adjusted in the 0.2-1.5Mpa range.

(3) the casting molding is separated from the template by the way of backhaul.

(4)  rotary table rotates 180 degrees for up-and-down mold switching.


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