How to produce Automobile brake discs, brake drums and wheel hubs

     The static pressure molding line used in green sand casting has its unique molding characteristics,i.e. the molding adopts blowing pre-tightening compaction or directly adding multi-position high-pressure compaction molding, thus the sand mold has high hardness, the average hardness can reach 90-95, and the same surface hardness difference is plus or minus 5;  Uniform compactness;  Since automatic positioning is realized, the box closing accuracy is high.  Results The blank produced by this molding method has good appearance quality, small deviation of casting size, small processing volume, high consistency of weight and low rejection rate. The roughness of 100% of the outer surface of the casting can reach less than 25μm m. At the same time, it has high production efficiency, high mold utilization rate, low field noise and good environment. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of large-scale and complex products of automobile and tractor parts in China, especially in the production of automobile cylinder head, gearbox housing, hub, shell reduction, axle housing, flywheel, flywheel housing, brake hub, etc.
  The automatic static pressure molding line is specially used for producing automobile brake discs, automobile brake drums and wheel hubs. The size of the sand box is 1200×920×300/250, the rated efficiency of the molding design is 100 flasks, and the actual normal operation is about 70 flask per hour due to factors such as the supply of molten iron.  This casting production line is specialized in producing static pressure lines for auto parts.

 static pressure molding line
  In the domestic casting industry, the number of static pressure lines installed in China has reached 1,000. Most of the static pressure lines are used to produce automobile parts and a few are used to produce castings in tractors or other industries.   Static pressure lines Manufacturer include Qingdao Huaxin, KW, HWS and other static pressure lines, and are mainly used in the field of automobile castings. 

  In other words, static pressure molding line plays an important role in the field of automobile casting production and has become a wonderful work.

Post time: Mar-27-2020

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