China Foundry Expo 2019 Qingdao Huaxin Shengye Success

 Our company-QINGDAO HUAXIN CASTING MACHINE CO.,LTD.  participated in The 17th China international Foundry Expo in 2019 ,which is the foundry exposition organized by China Foundry Association from March 13 to 16, 2019.

Our company exhibited the self-designed fully automatic static pressure moulding line. The products were unanimously recognized by the vast number of new and old customers and became the highlight of the exhibition.

Foundry Machine (36)

Foundry Machine (40)

Foundry Machine (44)

Foundry Machine (43)


Qingdao Huaxin automatic hydrostatic moulding line has the following characteristics:

1. Save a lot of labor and realize machine substitution

2. Improve the production efficiency and yield of castings

3. Intelligent control, simple operation.

4. High moulding efficiency

5. Strong compacting sand mould ability, uniform compactness, high hardness, can produce complex castings.

Some more customers like our foundry machinery , expecial Automatic tight-flask molding line , we only shot sand molding unit to them. 

Other foundry machinery we ready the product list, which contains shot blasting machine, core shooter machine , jolt squeeze molding machine and sand treatment line and soon on. 

Post time: Mar-20-2019

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