Cold Core Box & Cold Core Making Machine

There are so many kinds of way to make sand core ,  hot core box and cold core box and soon on .

Cold core box :
The cold sand core making process is to mix sand with the resin and inject it into the core box (mold pattern), then blow in gas (Ammonia or Co2) to solidify, and then blow dry and clean compressed air to rinse, and then clean the residual curing agent in the sand core to remove the core.

If the blowing gas is ammonia, then we design a triethylamine generator to convert liquid ammonia into gaseous ammonia.

if the blowing gas is CO2, it is so easy to operate.

so cold core shooter machine is also named cold core shooter machine , cold core making machine, cold core box maker , cold core box and soon on.

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Ingredients of cold core box sand: raw sand, resin, curing agent (triethylamine or dimethyl ethylamine)

Cold core sand control range: grain size index: 70-140, water content less than 0.2%, mud content less than 0.3%
Control content given during core making:
Sand mixing time, discharging time, resin addition amount, sand injection pressure, sand injection time, exhaust time, Gaza interval again, Gaza time again, hardening time, initial hardening dose, hardening dose again, time to reach final pressure, purification pressure, and false modulus burrs

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Advantages of Cold Core Box Process:
The core making period is short and the production efficiency is high.
There is no problem of thermal deformation of the core box, and the sand core has high dimensional accuracy.
There is no problem of over hardening, and the difference of sand core wall thickness will not affect the casting.
Pouring can be carried out immediately after the core is discharged, thus reducing the storage capacity.
It does not need heating, saves energy and has low production cost.

Post time: Apr-01-2020

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