Customers are checking the automatic static molding line.

Customers are checking the automatic static molding line.

This customers are our regular customers, We have established a long-term cooperative relationship.They mainly produce wallboards for rubber machinery. They have bought clay sand production line and molding machine in 2007. In 2018, they repurchased the automatic flask green sand molding line , the inner size of flask /sand box is 2500mx1600mm. The customer highly praised the equipment we produced.

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Static pressure moulding technical refers to airflow with hydraulic multi-piston squeeze compaction technology, according to the difficulty of compaction, can choose only hydraulic multi-piston squeeze compaction or airflow and hydraulic multi-piston squeeze compaction.

Static Pressure has following advantages.

◆High ability for compaction sand, rigid and dense mould, suitable to manufacture of complex castings.

◆Dimensional stability and better surface roughness.

◆High efficiency of moulding.

◆Mould plate with high rate of utilization.

◆Good working condition and labour saving.

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Qingdao Huaxin Group is committed to providing customers with the most valuable Static Pressure Automatic Moulding Line, to ensure the moulding line work effectively and reliably by high performance of configuration.

–The mechanical parts of main and auxiliary equipments machining by CNC machine, the necessary heat treatment to guarantee precision and service life.

–PLC from SimensS7, with touch screen and network Ethernet etc.

–Servo system from SEW or Siemens and and Variable-Frequency Drive from Rexroth.

–Hydraulic valve of moulding machine from Rexroth, Hydraulic Cylinder from China famous brand.

–Low-voltage electrical components from Schneide.

–Hydraulic Seals from international brand.

–Bearing from China famous brand (HRB/LYC/ZWZ).


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