Cyclone Dust Collector

Compared with other dust collectors, cyclone dust collector has the characteristics of simple structure, no moving parts, low cost, high dust removal efficiency, convenient maintenance and management and wide application, and the dust removal efficiency can reach about 90% for collecting 5~10μm dust particles. The performance of the multi-tube cyclone is usually expressed by 3 main technical indexes, such as its processing quantity, efficiency and resistance drop.Dust Collector

The quantity of the dust-containing gas that the dust removal device can handle in the unit time, it depends on the type of device and the size of the structure, efficiency is the amount of dust removed by the dust removal device and dust contained in the dust before the dust content of the percentage; Resistance drops are sometimes called pressure drop, which represents a major indicator of the energy consumption of dust-laden gases passing through the dust removal device. Pressure loss of the dust removal device, in the work of energy consumption is large, high operating costs. The efficiency of many cyclone dust collectors is not high, the discharge index does not reach the design requirement, the research and discussion on the influence factors of cyclone dust removal efficiency has important practical significance to improve the dedusting efficiency.Dust Collector

The cyclone Dust collector is divided into the tangential flow inversion type, the axial flow inversion type, the direct current type and so on. Tangential-flow reverse cyclone Dust collector working when the dust gas through the import of the Rotary device to generate a rotating air, into the cyclone dust collector, along the wall from top to bottom to make a spiral rotation, the downward-rotating air flow to the base of the cone, turn upwards, along the axis upward rotation. When the air flow is rotated, the dust particles move to the outer wall under the action of inertia centrifugal force, and the ash bucket is removed along the wall with the action of the air flow and gravity, and the gas converge Axial area of the dust is removed by the exhaust core pipe.Dust Collector

Post time: May-09-2018

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