Dust Collector Takes You Through The Other Ways

When the bag-type dedusting machine is working normally, under the action of the system blower, the dust gas is inhaled into the air inlet mains, which is distributed evenly into the gas chamber through each inlet and then into the filter bag, and a large amount of dust is trapped on the filter bag surface, while the airflow is filtered through the filter bag to purify. The purified airflow is discharged into the atmosphere through the bag chamber, along the pipe through the fan into the chimney. Dust machine with the filter bag fabric surface attached to the thickening of dust, dust machine resistance is rising, this needs to be cleared regularly, so that the resistance drop to a certain lower limit, the dust machine can operate normally.Dust Collector
The whole process of ash cleaning is accomplished mainly through the action of high-pressure gas storage package, solenoid valve, spray pipe and dust control mechanism. First of all, the control system automatic sequential solenoid valve, high-pressure air through the jet blowing back, so that adhesion in the filter bag of dust by shaking and fall off into the ash bucket. Then the solenoid valve is closed, the cleaning operation of the system is finished and the filter bag is restored to the filter state. Control system and then open other solenoid valve, the other filter bag to carry out the cleaning, all the filter bag after the clear ash cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning ash, dust removal machine to fully recover the state of filtration, ash bucket dust from the bottom of the ash collection mechanism.Dust Collector
The bag dust remover adopts high quality, low resistance, abrasion resistance, filtration precision and 0.5 micron filtration material. The unique design settlement form, uses the gravity effect to remove the big particle dust first, avoids the cloth bag long time by the dust impact and the breakage, simultaneously greatly reduces the filtration dust concentration. Modular design can ensure the economic rationality of customer selection. The initial resistance is lower, the normal running resistance is <150mm water column. The use of advanced automatic compressed air pulse cleaning method, so that the service life of the bag longer, to ensure that the dust machine in the lower resistance operation.Dust Collector
The structure of bag-duster is mainly composed of upper, middle and lower box, ash discharging system and pulse back blowing system, and the upper box includes the cover plate and tuyere which can be lifted. The medium box includes a porous plate, a filter bag frame, a filter bag, and an inlet box is composed of a ash bucket, a foot frame and a check door, and the pulse back-blowing system includes a timing controller, an electromagnetic diaphragm valve, a spray torch and a high-pressure gas storage package. Ash exhaust system includes ash discharging valve, dust collecting container.Dust Collector

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