Getting ready for a blast

1, check the equipment operation is normal. If spray nozzle is damaged, such as lighting, ventilation, compressed air is normal, the device sand leaks, if any of the foregoing, necessary repairs can only be conducted in a timely manner.

2, verify routes and match parts, avoid part wrong. Inventory part numbers, as are the lack of timely response to facilitate a timely look.

3, carefully check the parts, parts touch the hair, bruises, cracks and other defects should respond in a timely manner by the consent of the persons concerned, to be sandblasted.

4, check whether the parts when sand is required to protect the site or request, if there are protective measures in advance.

5, wear protective equipment, such as face masks and rubber gloves, coveralls, hats and so on.

6, should also contact the air compression station before the blast, and supply compressed air 3-5 atmosphere.

Post time: May-10-2018

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