Hollow Plastic Molding Machine

Multi-layer coextrusion Plastic Hollow molding machine, in the extrusion blow molding machine is a weak link in the field. Multilayer Foam plate extruder hollow product development, to promote the multi-layer molding machine coextrusion Hollow plastic molding machine development. From the international perspective, in recent years, multi-layer coextrusion Hollow Plastic Molding machine development is very rapid, and technology progress quickly. Multi-layer coextrusion Hollow Plastic molding machine is a promising plastic hollow molding machine.Molding Machine

Multi-layer blow molding products, not only in the food packaging industry rapid development, high barrier multi-layer hollow blow molding products, products will be in the proportion of hollow area more and more large. But in chemicals, cosmetics, medicine?? Products and other industrial packaging are increasingly rapidly.Molding Machine

There also introduced the number of varieties, for example, Hengyang huayi Machinery plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed hyb-75d Duplex three IML foaming machine molding machine, four-mode duplex an accurate integrated PID temperature control system, screw extrusion pressure real-time detection, flash automatic, without affecting the condition of the barrier, and reduce the quality of middle and inner layer thickness (0.03-0.05 mm), filling the domestic gap.Molding Machine

Six total 500L plastic hollow molding machine, has the following three points: (1) combined packaging system, it can be based on different materials, can allow the nasal special combination (2) research scope of the coextrusion die (mold), to meet the requirements of different materials, different floors, head diameters; (3) Research based mechanical processes, it can be a different molding station, including platform speed and size of product production and design.Molding Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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