How to choose a better shot blasting machine?

Energy costs continue to rise, the country’s focus on energy saving and environmental protection promotes the technological development of shot blasting machine industry. In view of this mixed bag of shot blasting machinery industry situation, how to select a shot blasting machine, to lower our production costs and access to efficient?

1. stability: with the rise of China’s economic strength, all kinds of manufacturers thought liberating, manufacturers across the country are busy with production work, and in the process of production, play an important role in shot blasting machine is often full of loads and operate around the clock. When in full production at the factory, shot blasting machine gas production but the situation is unstable, that is a very big deal, would cause incalculable losses. So when we buy shot blasting machine, the first standard is shot blast machine stability. At present, some of the high-end brands are able to comply with this requirement. And with the frequency shot-blasting machine technology matures, it can be said to meet this requirement.

2. production: the second shot took some blasting of very high quality, such as the forging industry, basically are SA3.0. In this issue as well as on the basis of their own situation, if the enterprise to this requirement, so long to purchase more well known machines, if the demand is not high, and under other circumstances. As the shot blasting machine industry in the future development trend of high frequency shot-blasting machine in this piece is also very good because the frequency shot-blasting machine has a very prominent feature is you can adjust the amount of blasting, while at the same time the quality of blasting work efficiency is also very impressive.

3. power consumption: this is one of the more important place, and the focus of discussion, because shot-blasting machine this basic equipment is usually a run and shot blasting machine itself is a very low power consumption device, manufacturer, shot blasting machine electricity factory electricity consumption of 20%-30%. If a valid control, the effect is very obvious. Now, many local enterprises are looking for price, in fact, the bottom line is a little one-sided. For general production enterprises, shot blasting machine purchase price only shot blasting machine cost 5%, maintenance and labour costs accounted for 9%, electricity is as high as the total cost of 86%. Therefore considered final expenditure, frequency shot blasting machine is much much lower than the ordinary blasting machine. Frequency shot-blasting machine only as an input for the first time, but if this factor into account electricity, then you really can be counted as a debt. Now variable frequency energy shot blasting machine is very objective, and domestic professional conversion blasting machine, the electricity-saving rate is as high as 30%, usually in less than one year can be a difference. Therefore, when choosing a shot blasting machine, choose a good variable-frequency shot-blasting machine is really in power consumption is the best solution to this problem.

4. prices: current domestic blast machine market is domestic cheap and imports expensive. In the eyes of ordinary users, is equal to the low end of the domestic, abroad is equal to the high end. This is not an objective, now there are some high-tech domestic level of shot blasting machine manufacturers, and in many cases is really not a very important factor, the key is to look at production, stability, as well as energy-saving performance, these factors should be taken into account.

5. service areas: of course, the service is also a factor, don’t break the machine, after all, who does not know, it’s like buying electronics or cell phone, always buy a solid mind, now being paid more attention to this factor. At the time of production, shot blasting machine fault cannot be resolved in a timely manner can give you a lot of trouble. All kinds of shot blast machine manufacturer service levels, be sure to look for shot blasting machine with higher levels of service.

Post time: May-10-2018

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