How to choose Manhole Cover casting machine , Casting line ?

Recently, many casting companies at home and abroad are consulting about the foundry equipment of cast iron manhole covers, especially many foundry plants are news.
According to our more than 20 years of foundry machinery experience, tell users how to choose manhole cover foundry machine (especially manhole cover molding equipment, manhole cover casting line)
Manhole cover is a casting with a wide range of users, especially in municipal units, whose quality is not very high.
Generally, there are three types of sizes: large, medium and small. Large sizes are generally more than 1000x1000mm, medium sizes are 800x800mm 900x900mm, and small sizes are 550x550mm,600 x 600 mm.
1. Semi-automatic jolt squeeze molding machine is suitable for producing small and medium-sized manhole cover castings

iron casting line
2. Semi-automatic multi-contact / Multi-piston molding machine is suitable for producing large-size manhole cover castings.

3. The automatic flaskless molding line can produce manhole covers of 800x800mm or less (except for sand molding equipment with flask )

4. If planning is based on the molding and casting production line, Qingdao Huaxin introduces KW technology’s  automatic static pressure molding line, which is very suitable for producing manhole covers, wheel hubs, and other automobiles and accessories.

5. There are still some casting factories with limited funds. Our company specially designs semi-automatic casting production lines.
Therefore, according to their own requirements to purchase different manhole cover casting equipment.  There is always a casting equipment suitable for you!

Post time: Oct-19-2019

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