How to clean the moulding machine

The process of heat treatment, plastic, rust treatment and rough machining of the castings after cleaning. Casting after treatment is the last process of the production of casting equipment.

Casting cleaning will remove the casting from the mold, remove the excess parts outside the body, and grinding the process of finishing the inner and outer surface of the finishing equipment. The main work has clear core and core iron.
Cast nonferrous alloys, cast nonferrous alloys, is a class of casting equipment. Mainly have cast copper alloy, cast aluminum alloy, casting magnesium alloy, etc..
Foundry Machine (38)
Process equipment or easy to consume part of mould cavity of shape simulation casting. In order to ensure the formation of a suitable cavity, the pattern should have enough strength and rigidity.
In order to avoid the defects of casting riser and attached to the supplementary casting above and the side portion of the equipment. In the mould cavity, the riser is a container storage of liquid metal.
Process casting equipment for core box core sand making core. Can be made of wood, plastic, metal or other materials.

Post time: Dec-04-2018

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