How to work of multi-piston pneumatic molding machine ?

    Qingdao Huaxin’s multi-piston moulding machine can be used for making mould by clay Green sand in various casting workshops. It can be used singly or in a mechanized assembly line or in a semi-automatic line.
     Features of multi-piston moulding machine:
    1, pneumatic multi-contact compaction is adopted, electricity is not needed, and energy is saved;  The specific pressure is moderate, there is no special requirement for green sand, and the number of contacts is determined according to the size of the flask, which is suitable for relatively large and complicated model modeling.
    2. The machine is under pressure in real time, and the frame is not stressed. Instead, four pull rods hanging from the side of the multi-contact body hook the workbench. With the downward extension of the multi-contact, compaction is carried out. If the contact, hook, flask, template and workbench are regarded as a system, the pressing strength is internal force or internal force compaction.
   3. Compaction : on the one hand, the contact compacts the sand mold, and at the same time, it is vibrated together with the workbench (separated from the rack, and the rack is not vibrated).  Therefore, the impact compaction effect is good, the sand mold has high hardness and uniformity (the average hardness reaches 85-90 and the B-type hardness meter value), the sand consumption can be as small as 20-30mm, the sand consumption ratio reaches H: B = 2-3, and the hardness of the vertical surface of the cavity can still reach above 80.
  4. The machine adopts a spring full-buffering pneumatic micro-vibration mechanism, so there is no special requirement for the foundation, and connecting rods are used for formwork lifting.
  5. Synchronizing shaft structure, pneumatic oil speed control, good synchronization in mold lifting and easy speed control.
  Pneumatic Molding Machine from Qingdao Huaxin Group is mainly used for sand molding of large-sized castings in casting workshops, such as manhole covers and operation process of the equipment is mainly controlled by several 6 manual valves.

Post time: Sep-11-2019

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