Introduction To The Performance Of Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine is a kind of treatment technology of the steel grit steel pill high speed drop impact on the surface of material object through the shot blasting device. It is faster and more efficient than other surface treatment techniques, and can be partially retained or stamped after the casting process. The 1930s American company made the first shot blasting machine in the world. China’s shot peening equipment production began in the 1950s, mainly imitation of the former Soviet technology.Shot Blasting Machine
The shot peening machine can also be used to remove burrs, scale and rust, which may affect the integrity, appearance, or definition of parts of an object. The shot peening machine can also be used to remove contaminants from the surface of a partially coated surface and provide an added surface profile for the adhesion of the coating to achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece. The shot blasting machine differs from the shot peening machine in that it is used to reduce the fatigue life of the parts by adding different surface stresses, increasing the strength of the components, or preventing fretting.Shot Blasting Machine
Casting cleaning is one of the necessary production processes for any foundry. Therefore, the casting cleaning machine in the industrial production is particularly important. Casting types such as size, shape, weight, and production speed, capacity requirements will affect the selection of shot peening machine. In addition, downstream production, such as casting end-user opinion, will also affect the casting plant for the selection of shot blasting cleaning machine. Shot Blasting Machine
Temperature is the first factor to select the casting cleaning machine. The ideal temperature for casting blast cleaning is close to ambient temperature, but the cooling time of each foundry is not the same, so the temperature difference between the castings entering the blast chamber is great. Therefore, the cleaning machine in the design, should take into account the user’s production of the highest possible temperature, assuming that the customer needs to be so extremely high temperature castings to clean up, the design of the cleaning machine must meet such requirements, so as to reduce future maintenance, downtime and other problems including operational safety hazards.Shot Blasting Machine
High temperature operation will also provide special requirements for the maintenance of cleaning machines. Hot parts, hot machines and hot abrasives are a challenge to the maintenance and safety of the cleaning machine. In such a production situation, the cleaning machine bearing lubrication, conveyor belt design, material components of vulnerable parts, ventilation and control systems are often required to be replaced. Chains and other nonflammable materials replace rubber seals, curtains and tracks. Therefore, high temperature castings will affect the selection of shot blasting machine, suitable cleaning machine can meet high efficiency cleaning, safe production and reduce maintenance requirements.Shot Blasting Machine
For sand casting, most of the sand is removed through the process of falling sand. Therefore, the shot peening machine needs to be designed with a special recovery system to deal with the large amount of sand produced during shot blasting, which is then separated by a separator of magnetic separator or a wind separator separating the waste sand from the round steel ball sieve.Shot Blasting Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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