Layout and Introduction of Molding Casting Line


(l) In-line casting production line is mainly used for automatic flask-less moulding line. 

It consists of molding machine, sand mold conveying belt, sand mold synchronous cooling belt, belt conveyor, sand dropping machine, etc. It is equipped with automatic core dropping machine and automatic pouring machine (manual pouring is also allowed) as required.  The length of sand mold synchronous cooling belt is determined according to the process cooling time required by the casting.
Features: small width and long length, suitable for narrow casting workshop.

(2) Auto static pressure moulding line with multi-row and double-layer linear casting production lines and double-layer linear layout design. 

Sand moulds are pushed into the sand mold storage system after being manufactured from the automatic molding machine.  The function of the system is to provide the storage of unbonded sand molds and to quickly transport the sand molds to the required casting line.
1) Corresponding data of system device length and profile can be designed according to process time requirements.
2) It has storage capacity for undrained sand molds.
3) Provide maximum casting and cooling elasticity.
4) Compact design, suitable for small casting workshop


Post time: Oct-09-2019

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