Maintenance Method Of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

As a common shot blasting machine, the roller type shot blasting machine equipment often used, the need for a certain maintenance, large is the hand of the manipulator to maintain the roller-type shot blasting machine to teach you, these methods also adapt to the crawler-type shot blasting machine, roller pass-type shot blasting machine and other models of shot blasting machine.Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine
Daily maintenance: The abrasion of the wear-resisting parts in the shot blasting device, and timely replacement; (2) whether the signal on the control stage is working properly; (3) whether the status of the limit switch is normal, (4) cleaning the dust on the Electric control box, (5) The fixed bolts on the motor of the shot blasting machine and the blasting machine are loose; (6) whether there is any leakage in the dedusting pipe , the filter bag in the dust or broken, (7) Whether the door is closed, (8) The filter in the separator with the accumulation of materials and timely removal, (9) The electronic control of the ball valve is closed; (10) The abrasion of the shot peening indoor guard plate.Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine
Monthly maintenance: (1) Check whether the transmission area is running normally and lubricate the chain, (2) Check the wear and fixing of the blower and duct, and (3) Check the fixing condition of the bolts at each part connection. Quarterly Maintenance and Maintenance: (1) Check the motor, sprocket, fan, the tightness of the screw conveyor’s fixed bolt and flange connection; (2) Check the good condition of the bearing and the electric control box; (3) Replace the new high speed lubricating grease on the bearing of the main bearing seat of the shot blasting device, (4) Check the wear of the abrasion resistant plate of the shot blasting device  Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine
Annual maintenance: (1) overhaul all motor bearings; (2) Check the lubrication of all bearings and add new grease: Check the corrosion of the air cylinder guide pipe and the inner wall oil accumulation, if the corrosion is serious, then replace, if more oil, then clean Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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