Operation Procedure And Detailed Introduction Of Sand Mixer Machine

Operating Procedures: Comply with the “foundry equipment general Operating Procedures” relevant provisions. Check whether the abrasion of the scraper is heavy, such as serious wear, should be replaced. Start the test run, then empty operation 2-3 minutes, and check the transmission system (motor, coupling, reducer), supporting rollers and rolling movement is smooth, to confirm that all normal, before the production.Sand Mixer Machine

After the equipment starts normal, according to the craft request, gradually joins the mix sand material, does not clamp into the metal hard block or other hard block, if has discovers, should immediately stop processing.Sand Mixer Machine

In the production process, if the rhythm of the heavy vibration is found, the support device should check whether the work is normal, when necessary to find maintenance personnel to repair. In the process of equipment operation, not to use hand to take, in order to avoid personal accidents. Under normal circumstances, the first unloading material, the back-stop mixed sand vitality; Roller mixer roller to the material to grind the pressure, the rotor mixer sand mixer tool to the material with impact force, shear strength and centrifugal force, so that the material in a state of intense motion. After the work, put the sand in the mix-plate and remove the remaining sticky sand.Sand Mixer Machine

Not only the roller can not be buried in the material layer, but also required to grind the front of the lower layer of the material, lest the forward resistance is too large. As long as the design of the rotor mixer is reasonable, it can be completely buried in the material layer to work, all the energy to the material; prison and material layer than the same disk diameter roller mixer high, one feeding capacity can be greatly increased. Sand Mixer Machine

The grinding wheel makes the material always in the alternating process of compaction and loose, and the rotor sand-mixing tool keeps the material in a loose motion state, which is beneficial to the mixing, collision and friction of the material, as well as reducing the movement resistance of the mixed sand tool.Sand Mixer Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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