PPC Type Gas Box Pulse Bag Dust Collector

PPC type gas box pulse bag filter has four series 33 kinds of specifications, filtration area from 93m2-4361m2, processing air flow from 69003/h-314000m3/h, widely used in building materials, cement, metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and refractory industries; especially used in the cement plant crushing, drying, coal grinding, powder selection, packaging, roof, clinker cooler, such as dust collection system (or dust removal system); also applicable to coal dust, but to add fire-proof explosion prevention measures, The structure of the dust remover should also be changed correspondingly, and it can also be applied to dust collection with high concentration of gas containing dust, if the coal mill system with O-SEPA separator, its gas dust concentration up to 1000g/m3 (superscript) above, do not set for the dust in advance of the cyclone dust collector, for the cold area in northern China, the dust remover in addition to the thermal insulation device can also be applied.Dust Collector

The PPC type gas box pulse bag filter is a kind of compartment structure assembling type, the bag-type dust remover of the chamber-top pulse valve is used to carry out the pulse cleaning (i.e., the so-called off-line ash) in the Chamber filter bag.Dust Collector

It is different from the general soot-blowing dust remover, the jet pulse cleaning is in the same filter room only on each row of the filter bag to blow the dust (that is, the so-called re-line Ash), while the other filter bags are still filtered. That is, clear ash and filtration at the same time in a room mixing, dust two times fly, part will be adjacent filter bag, is not conducive to dust concentration larger gas filtration. PPC type gas box pulse bag filter is in the case of an indoor shutoff valve to stop the filtration, the dust is settled down in the gray half, do not produce two times flying, very conducive to filter dust concentration of gas, and do not stop the replacement of a room filter bag.Dust Collector

The Gas box pulse dust collector is divided into 32 bags/rooms, 64 bags/rooms, 96 bags/rooms, 128 bags/Room four series, each series is divided into several rooms according to different specifications, a total of 33.

Post time: May-09-2018

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