Q3220 apron type shot blasting machine

DSC_0328Equipment uses

Suitable for shot blasting cleaning of large quantities of small castings, forgings and weldments It can satisfy the technological requirements of shot blasting cleaning for various materials, and can realize the automatic control of PLC and continuous production operation.It can remove the sand, oxide scale and dust adhering to the surface and part of the inner cavity of the cleaning parts, and make the surface of the cleaning parts present the metallic nature.This machine is especially suitable for the cleaning of flat parts and various complex castings which are not suitable for rolling. It is known as the cleaning expert of complex castings. It can be integrated into the user’s automatic production line by forming a high or low match with the swing-bed shot blasting machine.

Technical characteristics:

This machine is equipped with two new high-efficiency shot blasting machines. The workpiece cleaned is rolled uniformly and continuously in the hypothetical drum surrounded by tracked track, while being hit by high-speed projectile bundles, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and strengthening.Double cylinder automatic lifting door, hoist driven hoist bucket automatic feeding, equipped with loading and unloading roller can meet the needs of mechanized automatic generation. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and save the labor cost of enterprises.The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, small floor area, stable performance, low failure rate and high cleaning efficiency. It is the latest upgrading product.




Post time: Dec-03-2018

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