Delivery Goods -Q326 Tumble shot blasting machine

  Qingming Festival /Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional festival in China. national regulation there are three days holidays . However, due to there are so many orders for shot blasting equipment to be produced and shipped, our workshop workers are working actively to complete the equipment production as soon as possible.Q3210

          Today, We received advice of delivery from customer. Please send the goods off today,we asked them to speed the delivery up. delivery department arranges loading and delivery in time.


Q326 Tumble shot blasting machine is a small shot blasting machine, but iti is also the most widely used shot blasting machine.Establish clients’order, purchase& follow the order, assist logistics finishing importing, arrange consignments. You may rest assured that we can effect prompt shipment.


Post time: Apr-08-2019

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