Related Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Shot Blasting Machine

Check the shot blasting machine and motor bolts are not loose, wear-resistant parts have no wear, check the door is not closed. Check the dust removal pipeline there is no leakage, filter bag There is no dust or broken check separator in the filter screen there is no debris, check the electronic control of the ball valve is not off, check the wear of the shot blasting indoor guard. Check to see if the limit switch is normal, inspect the control stage of the signal is normal, cleaning the electrical control box dust.Shot Blasting Machine

Years of maintenance and maintenance. Check all bearing conditions and add lubricating oil, check bag filter, check all motor bearings, replace or substitute the inner guard plate in the ejection area, and the machine should be repaired regularly. Shot Blasting Machine

Check shot shot cleaning indoor high manganese steel sheathing, wear-resistant rubber and other protective board, check the tension of the hoist, slack should be in time tensioning. Check the vibration of steel structure blasting machine, found that abnormal should immediately stop working, regular lubrication equipment on all motor and bearings. Regular replenishment of the new projectile, installation of the blade of the shot should be noted a group of eight of the difference in the quality of the blade should not be greater than 5g, and check the grinding of the blade.Shot Blasting Machine

Monthly maintenance and maintenance: see if the bolts at each part are fastened. Check the rotation of the part is normal operation, and timely lubrication. Check the wear and retention of blower duct. Quarterly Maintenance and maintenance: Check the good condition of bearing electric control box, add lubricating oil. Check the abrasion of wear-resisting board of shot peening device. Check the tightness of the motor, sprocket, blower, vibration conveying fixed bolts and flange connections. Replace the new high speed lubricating oil with the bearing of the main bearing seat of the steel structure shot blasting machine.Shot Blasting Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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