Shot Blasting Machine Operation And Performance

Operational safety: Do not operate with a protective device Shot blasting machine. Add or reclaim iron sand must first open the dust fan, horizontal spiral, bucket machine and longitudinal spiral. Periodically open the dust pulse back to clear the dust. After the shutdown to extend the dust pulse backflush time 30 minutes. Shot Blasting Machine

It is forbidden to continuously turn on the respective control switches in a state where the interval time is short. To prevent the current is too large to burn the instrument. Regularly check the wear parts of the wear and tear, regularly clean up the filter and the valve at the valve. In the process of lifting the body shall not be as the bottom of the component, try to avoid the direction of the falling components, pay attention to lifting safety. Note slip to fall.Shot Blasting Machine

Clearly incorporate shipboard coating requirements and standards into class conditions. The ship plate coating corrosion resistance and service life have a higher demand to ensure the safety of the hull structure. New shipbuilding coating and coating construction quality control has a more stringent and clear guidelines, so shot blasting machine in the treatment of steel plate strength to solve some technical problems in Shanghai, which involves the shot of the speed, quality and other technical details, need Engineers involved in a more reasonable shot blasting machine structure, in order to meet the development needs, engineers in the continuous reform of the construction of shot blasting machine, to achieve the greatest degree of use for each industry effective use of shot blasting machine.Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machines can also be used to remove burrs, scale and rust, which may affect the integrity, appearance, or definition of the object part. The shot blasting machine can also remove contaminants from the surface of a partially coated surface and provide an enhanced surface profile of the coating to achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece. Shot blasting machine is different from the shot blasting machine, which is used to reduce the fatigue life of the parts to increase the surface stress, increase the strength of the parts, or prevent jogging.Shot Blasting Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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