Shot Blasting Machine Technology – Shot Blasting Chamber

1, to comply with the general  operation of shot blasting machine equipment operating  procedures.
2, must  also comply with before work:


A, check the  blasting head of the leaves, guide sets, sub-balls and other wearing parts of  the wear and tear, such as serious wear and tear, notify the maintenance staff  to repair;
B,  check the iron pellet delivery system, such as hoist, screw conveyor sieve (or  polygonal sieve), storage sand bucket, pills, etc. whether there is clogging or  jamming phenomenon, if these phenomena should be promptly  treated;
C, check the catenary  and auxiliary chain is loose and derailment, if these phenomena should be  notified to repair personnel repair;
D, check the shot blasting room  with or without castings, if dropped cast, should be promptly  removed;
E, check the integrity  of the protective curtain and protective plate, do not allow the lack of or  excessive wear, or should be replaced;
F, check  the catenary hook wear is serious, whether the rotation is flexible, such as  wear and tear severely or not flexible rotation, should be promptly replaced or  notify the maintenance staff to repair;
G, respectively, to  start the various agencies, check the head, iron pills delivery system,  auxiliary chain and catenary movement, to confirm all normal before the  production.


3, the workers must also comply  with:

A, the operator with a  good protective equipment, so as not to iron wounds;
B, start the device should be in the following  order:
Fans – bucket hoist – spiral  sieve (or polygonal sieve) – throwing head 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, – auxiliary chain –  iron pills gate – catenary. The reverse  order of the reverse, that is, catenary – iron pill gates – auxiliary chain –  throwing – spiral sieve (or polygonal sieve) – hoist – fan.
C, must be hanging in the hanging on the 30 hanging  castings, in order to clean up one side of the continuous  casting;
D, the first test run, and  then run the air 3 – 5 minutes, and check the shot blasting head, screw conveyor  hoist, hoist, chain plate with the work of the smooth, to confirm all normal  before production.

4, the work must also comply  with:

A, work, the operator with  a good protective equipment, so as not to iron wounds;
B, in the following order to drive: start the fan –  open the rolling door – start the hopper – the point of the chain with a bucket  - turn bucket reset – close the rolling door – start chain plate – start shot  blasting head – - Turn the screw  conveyor – start the hoist – turn on the iron gate.
The order of parking is the  opposite;
C, often pay attention to  the smooth movement of the head, such as throwing vibration, should notify the  maintenance staff to repair.
D, each  time to join the cast of the weight of not more than 500 kg, not less than 300  kg, depending on the size and shape of castings;
E, according to the consumption of iron balls, often  add a new iron pills, and pay attention not to crush the hoist;
F, when the shot blasting machine head work, can not  make the chain plate reverse movement;
G, when the shot blasting machine head work, is  strictly prohibited to open the drum door;
H, when the shot blasting machine head work, shall  not stop the screw conveyor and hoist movement.

Post time: May-09-2018

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