Shot blasting machines and sandblast machine what is the difference?

1) difference between blasting and sandblasting: sandblasting are mechanical or purification of compressed air, spray sand flow strongly to metal surfaces, use the abrasive force of impact, knocks the dirt on it, and achieve the purpose cleanup or modification process. Sandblasting is mainly for surface cleaning and appearance beautifies and is the difference between shot peening and blasting devices work in different ways.
Shot peening machine principle and equipment similar to the sand, is a way of using air power to the product surface cleaning, just using different abrasives. Shot using a metal abrasive such as steel shot, steel grit, ceramic balls. Non-metallic abrasive sandblasting is used, for example, corundum, glass sand, sand, etc. Blast can make the parts stress, and no dust pollution of silicon for: parts compressive stress and improves corrosion resistance and fatigue strength and resistance to stress; instead of hot and cold forming process, processing of large thin-wall aluminum parts, so as to avoid a beneficial surface residual tensile stresses and compressive stresses
2) blasting and sandblasting process: blasting and sandblasting process is according to different products, different requirements such as performance, to determine whether to use blasting or sand blasting … Shot peening process and strength of shot peening on surface compressive stress requires a piece of shot-peening process, must ensure that there is sufficient coverage, that is, to not blast the surface as little as possible. But because of coverage checking more difficult, and difficult for a fixed amount of judgment, strength of controlled shot-peening approach so often, obtain the required compression stress value. Blasting strength most of the United States referred to SAE standard J442 Almen Camber Gauge is measured. Blast intensity and other blasting parameters of shot-blast intensity determines the quality of shot peening and blasting strength and other parameters control.
3) blasting and sandblasting equipment selection: shot blasting and sand except for abrasives, abrasive recovery methods, different abrasive processing devices, other devices are the same, of course, smaller particles of abrasive and sandblasting equipment, of course, depends on the circumstances in which the.
4) blast is to metal projectiles, using compressed air or mechanical centrifugal force as the driving force and friction to remove the corrosion of metals. Projectile diameter between 0.2-2.5mm, compressed air pressure is 0.2-0.6Mpa, jets and surface angle of 30 degrees to-90 degrees. Nozzle using T7 or T8 hardness of tool steel and hardened to 50-55HRC, each nozzle use period is 15-20 days. Blasting is used to remove the thickness not less than 2mm or no requirement to maintain an accurate size and contour of medium and large metal products, and oxidation on castings and forgings, rust, sand, and old film. Be coated (plated) reply prior to a cleanup method. Widely used in large-scale shipbuilding, heavy machinery, automotive factory. With shot-peening for surface treatment, combat force and cleaning effect. Shot peening on sheet metal workpiece processing, causing deformation of the workpiece, and hitting the surface of steel shot (shot blasting or peening) to metal substrate deformation, as Fe3O4, and Fe2O3 there is no plastic, split after broken, and film and substrate deformation, so the workpiece with oil, shot blasting, peening cannot thoroughly remove grease.
5) sand is also a mechanical cleanup methods, but sand is not shot, of sand such as quartz sand used in sandblasting, shot peening using metal projectiles. Existing methods of surface treatment, sandblasting cleaning effect. Sand suitable for demanding cleaning of the workpiece surface. But in Chinese General sandblasting equipment from hinge Dragon, scraper, scoop type hoisting machines and other mechanical composition of original lost in heavy sand. User needs to build a deep pit and waterproof equipment machinery, high construction costs, maintenance workload and cost is enormous. With national attention to environmental and industrial hygiene, because the sandblasting process has a lot of dust not only polluted the environment, and leads to the operator’s occupational disease (silicosis), has been shot instead of sand

Post time: May-10-2018

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