Static Pressure Molding Line Technology

Main characteristics of the static pressure moulding line:

   As a user , before purchasing static pressure moulding line , they must be know the Static Pressure Molding Line Technology and later can choose which one is the best for themselves. 

 As one of the largest molding line manufacturer in China, we adopts advance KW moulding technology is -twin press technolody :

1. back press as pre-compaction plus positive pressure multi-piston high pressure squeezing moulding technology is adopted to ensure high sand mould hardness, uniform mould compactness, low mismatch, precise castings and high yield.
2. Hydraulic multi-piston squeeze heads are used for squeezing, and the pressure can be adjusted by proportional decompression valve.
3. Control system is equipped with engineer station, main operation station and multiple stand-by sub-stations, each fitted with man-machine interface. Advanced technologies such as industrial personal computer, numerical control machine tool, PLC field bus, servo valve, proportional valve, frequency control, automatic detector and computer monitor are used.
4. Whole static pessure moulding production line operations comply with principle of combinating electrical control, hydraulic transmission. Key components are imported to guarantee stable and reliable operation of the production line.
5. It has advantages of full automation, high productivity, precise casting, small area coverage and low energy consumption. It is the mostly advanced statci prssure moulding line at present.
6. Suitable for volume production of top grade castings, it has been widely applied in production of automobile castings and other grey cast iron, ductile iron and steel castings.

7. green sand moulding with high pressure molding line / Static Pressure Automatic Moulding Line of Green Sand

Static Pressure Molding Line Technology

Post time: Aug-12-2019

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