Suspension Chain Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Chain Type Shot Blasting Machine introduction

The workpiece of the suspension chain type shot blasting machine can run continuously and step by step along with the suspension chain, or the workpiece can be transported by adopting an advanced accumulation and pushing type suspension chain, so that the workpiece is in a stop state in a loading and unloading area and a shot blasting area respectively, and fixed-point loading and unloading and fixed-point shot blasting processes are realized; the single-point hanging weight can be 50-2,000 kg according to different workpieces, the productivity is high, the operation is reliable, and the suspension chain passing type shot blasting machine is very suitable for mass cleaning of various easily hanging parts. Generally, it can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users’ products.

Suspension chain shot blasting machine                   cylinder shot-blasting  (10)

Application range

It is suitable for shot blasting, deburring and scale removal of suspended parts with holes, various welded steel structure parts and various casting and forging parts. Such as engine cylinder head, motor housing, gear, motorcycle engine housing, locomotive hook tail frame assembly, bogie assembly, hardware tool housing, water pump and other cleaning effects are particularly good. It is an ideal choice for automobiles, tractors, diesel engines, motors, valves and other industries.

Suspension chain shot blasting machine                   Suspension chain shot blasting machine

Post time: Dec-28-2019

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