Technical Requirements For Heat Preservation Of Dust Collector

1, insulation materials must meet the thermal insulation performance, to ensure that after insulation (ambient temperature is not higher than 25 degrees, thermal insulation structure outside the surface temperature is not more than 50 degrees, the ambient temperature is higher than 25 degrees, insulation structure outside the surface temperature can be higher than the ambient temperature 25 degrees). Insulation structure in the design service life should ensure integrity, in the use of the process is not allowed to burn, rot, spalling and other phenomena. The thermal insulation structure should be of sufficient mechanical strength, in the weight, vibration, snow and other additional loads under the action does not damage.

2, the insulation layer should be waterproof, fire, insulation after the overall plane flat beautiful (after the plane is not leakage reinforced tendons, reinforced with the outer guard plate flat, the outer layer of the air to set the insulation structure).

3, in particular, the strengthening of the reinforcement to take reliable measures to ensure that not over-temperature.

4, the insulation construction must be in the dust remover after the airtight inspection or the experiment can construct.

5,The insulation is used in any weather condition, so the laying of the shell protection plate is beneficial to the water.

6, insulation structure requirements self-locking gasket layout per square metre not less than 8, core-pulling aluminum rivet horizontal distance 200MM.

7, the insulation layer thickness is 100MM, each strengthens the rib to be 50MM, the heat preservation material chooses the high temperature glass cotton (TYPE1000, δ=50), in the thickness direction is divided two layers, the interlayer should be wrong seam, the wrong seam distance is not smaller than the board length or the board width one-third, the spelling should be closely formed, the high-temperature glass cotton outer layer all should lay galvanized hexagonal barbed wire, then uses the self-locking gasket pressure. Ash bucket at the bottom of the small ash bucket laying steel net, and then use self-locking gasket pressure.Dust Collector

8. Where the population gate, the heat insulation of the transmission device does not affect the opening of the door and the operation of the equipment.

9, the shell protection plate and connecting angle with the 5*13-11 core-pulling aluminum rivets, protection plate and protection plate connected with 5*11-11 core aluminum rivets.

10, the support angle, the next direction spacing about 1000MM, about the direction of about 500MM.

11, insulation inside and outside the seam should be staggered, between the interlayer and the gap between the holes, insulation density should be guaranteed in the long-term operation does not collapse density.Dust Collector

12, the noise after insulation should be less than 85 db.

13, the horizontal angle is greater than 45 degrees of inclined and horizontal structure, the insulation layer should be provided with supporting parts, the support should be located at the top of the flange, the position does not affect the demolition of the bolt.

14, in order to ensure the appearance of the metal protective layer neat and beautiful, should be properly set metal skeleton to support the metal protective layer.

15, laminated insulation layer of the joints should be staggered.

16, insulation structure components according to ‹‹ insulation structural components design ›› selection.

17, thermal insulation material selection of high-temperature glass wool, bulk weight of 32 kilograms per cubic metre.

18, high temperature glass wool specification: 50*600*1200 (mm).

19, supply range: including dust remover body and ash bucket, flue heat preservation.

20. The outer protective plate is a color plate for rolling groove.Dust Collector

21, Roof insulation must meet the pedestrian conditions.Dust Collector

Post time: May-09-2018

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