The Use Of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Check the wear and fix of the fan, the duct, the maintenance of each quarter, and precautions: check the bearing, electric control box in good condition; check the wear blasting machine wear plate; check the motor, sprocket, Fan, screw conveyor fixed bolts and flange connection of the tight; to the main bearing on the bearing block to replace the new high-speed grease.Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Year maintenance and repair: check the lubrication of all bearings, and add new grease: check the cylinder air pipe corrosion and the wall of the oil situation, if the serious corrosion, then the replacement, if the oil more, then cleaning:

Dust, if the damage is replaced, if the sticky ash and more cleaning: maintenance of all motor bearings: replacement or welding projectile area within the shield.Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Regularly replenish the new projectile due to the use of the projectile will be worn, broken, should be regularly added a certain number of new projectile. Especially when the quality of cleaning up the workpiece can not reach the time, the amount of shot is too small may be a heavy Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine To cause. When installing the blades of the shot blasting machine, it should be noted that the weight of a group of eight leaves should not be greater than 5 grams, and often check the leaves, sub-balls and directional sets of wear and tear for the timely replacement. According to the above Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine Method for routine maintenance and maintenance Roller type shot blasting machine, shot blasting opportunities to the maximum degree of continuous operation, and a good extension of life, reduce parts replacement frequency.The whole body by the different coordinates from the different coordinates of the powerful dense projectile combat and friction, so that the oxide scale, rust layer and its dirt quickly fall off, the steel surface was a Czech Republic, a

certain degree of roughness of the lightRoller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Clean surface, clean up the workpiece on both sides of the cleaning and unloading roller. The pellets and the rust falling on the steel are purged by the purge, and the pellets are scattered from the recovery screw to the body funnel.Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine To the screw conveyor in the lower part of the elevator, and then raised to the upper part of the machine separator, the separation of the pure pellets fall into the separator hopper for the use of shot blasting.Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

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