Through shot blasting machine electrical system specifications

In the shot blasting machine, due to various reasons will inevitably produce a variety of failures, resulting in shot blasting machine is not working properly, not only affect the productivity, which will also cause equipment failure. Therefore, after blasting machine electrical failure, shot blasting machine maintenance personnel should be timely, proficient, accurately, quickly and safely detect the fault and ruled out, recovery shot blast machine up and running as soon as possible.
Shot blasting machine electrical maintenance and General requirements:
1. the blasting machine must have the correct maintenance procedures and methods and practical.
2. no damages intact blast machines electrical components.
3. no free replacement shot blast machine model specifications of the electrical components and connecting wires.
4. no tampering shot blasting machine line.
5. damaged shot blasting machine electric equipment should be repaired as much as possible, but not to reduce its inherent performance.
6. the shot blasting machine electric equipment protection must meet performance.
7. insulation resistance qualified, try power shot function to meet various features of the circuit, operation procedures comply with requirements for control link.
8. repair of shot blasting machine electrical installations must meet the quality requirements.

Post time: May-10-2018

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