Through-type Shot Blasting Machine

During the cleaning process, the adjustable-speed conveyor roller with electrical control is used to send the steel structure or steel into the cleaning machine Chamber. Its whole body is subjected to different coordinates from the direction of the strong-intensive projectile strike and friction, so that the oxidation of the skin, rust layer and its dirt quickly fall off, the surface of steel to obtain a certain roughness of the smooth surface, in the cleaning of both sides of the outdoor import and export rollers loading and unloading workpiece.Shot Blasting Machine

The projectile falling into the steel and the rust dust sweep through the purge device, the drop of the dust mixture from the recovery screw to the chamber hopper, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor in the lower part of the hoist, and then ascend to the upper part of the machine separator, the separation of pure projectiles into the separator hopper, for the use of shot blasting. The dust is produced in the blast cleaning, which is sent to the dedusting system by the exhaust pipe, and the net gas discharged into the atmosphere after purification treatment, and the granular dust is captured and collected. General roller-type pass-through and suspension-chain shot blasting machine.Shot Blasting Machine

Whether it is the catenary pass or the roller pass type shot blasting machine is mainly used for metal structure, machine tool bed, steel (cast iron) products, grids, construction machinery and bridge manufacturing, as the state of the punishment of environmental pollution increased, pickling cleaning has been gradually eliminated by the market, through the use of shot shot more and more.Shot Blasting Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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