Various Types Of Dust Collector Advantages And Disadvantages

Dust removal efficiency: refers to the amount of dust collected by the precipitator and the amount of dust entering the dust collector. According to the total dust removal efficiency, the precipitator can be divided into: low efficiency dust collector (50 ~ 80%), 80 ~ 95%) and high efficiency dust collector (95% or more). Dust Collector

Resistance: Indicates the pressure loss when the airflow passes through the precipitator. According to the size of the filter can be divided into: low resistance dust collector (ΔP <500Pa), the middle of the dust collector (ΔP = 500 ~ 2000Pa) and high resistance dust collector (ΔP = 2000 ~ 20000Pa). Economy: It is one of the important indexes to evaluate the dust collector, which includes the equipment cost and operation and maintenance cost of the precipitator, and the equipment cost of the electrostatic precipitator is the highest in the dust collector, Venturi dust collector, cyclone dust collector minimum.Dust Collector

Mechanical dust collector mechanical dust collector is relatively low cost, easy maintenance and management, high temperature, corrosion resistance, suitable for large moisture content of flue gas, but the particle size of 5μm below the dust removal rate is low. When the gas dust concentration is high, this type of dust collector can be used as primary dust to reduce the secondary dust load. Wet dust collector wet dust collector structure is relatively simple, less investment, dust removal efficiency is relatively high, can remove small particle size dust, and can also remove part of the harmful gases, such as thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization and dust integration. The disadvantage is that the water is relatively large, mud and waste water to be treated, equipment and structures easy to corrosion, cold areas should pay attention to frost.Dust Collector

Bag filter is widely used in a variety of industrial production of dust removal process. Large-scale low-pressure pulse bag filter for metallurgical, building materials, mining and other industries of large air volume of flue gas purification; rotary anti-blowing bag filter, applicable to the use of large-scale anti-blowing bag filter, suitable for smelters, steel plants and other dust; Building materials, food, chemicals, machinery and other industries dust purification.Dust Collector

Post time: May-09-2018

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