What is Sand casting Technology ?

Sand casting Technology    

Sand casting        
Casting process is melting metal to a liquid and pouring it into the casting mould. After cooling, solidification and shot blast cleaning, the casting with predetermined shape, size and properties can be obtained.                       
There are three parts in Casting technology, they are casting metal preparation, casting parts preparation and casting treatment.
Casting metal refers to the metal materials used in casting production. It is an alloy composed of one kind of metal element as the main component and other metal or non-metal elements.
It is customarily called casting alloy, mainly cast iron, cast steel and cast non-ferrous alloy.            
Sand Casting is a manufacturing method of metal castings with certain shape and properties required by casting, injection or inhalation of liquid metal melted at high temperature and solidified.
Foundry production belongs to hot processing, and its production process includes sand mixing, sand moulding, melting, pouring and shot blast cleaning.

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Post time: Apr-20-2019

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