What is Shell Core ?

                     Characteristics and Advantages of Shell Core Machine
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  1. Shell core machine (core shooting machine) is a Automatic casting equipment that uses hot core box process to make coated sand shell core box . 

  2. Its working process is completed at the same time of sand filling and compaction. The shell or core of the coated sand will immediately form a coated sand model in the mold by electric heating.

  3. The operation is especially simple, saving time, high efficiency and easy to master. The mold pattern is electrically heated, and the heating temperature can be automatically controlled by an automatic temperature controller.

 4. The working site is clean, creating conditions for mechanization and automation of the core making process.  The sand core for casting can be produced in only ten seconds to tens of seconds in a core making cycle.  Core made by shell core machine (core shooting machine) has accurate size and smooth surface.  Core-shooting machines, that is, shell-core machines, are widely used in the casting machinery industry, but the molds are different. One is the mold for making shells, and the other is the mold for making cores.

Shell core
  The advantages of shell core machine (core shooting machine) cannot be ignored. Let me introduce the following:
1 High production efficiency: the working process of the shell-and-core machine is completed at the same time of sand injection and compaction, and is immediately preheated and hardened in the core box. A cycle takes only more than ten seconds to produce sand cores for casting.
2 The mold frame automatically turns over 180 degrees to pour the empty sand to form the shell core. This process can save 40% of the coated sand.
Good sand core quality: it can shoot sand cores of any complicated degree, with accurate size and smooth surface, thus reducing the processing amount of castings, and some of them can survive directly without processing.
4 using shell core machine (core shooting machine) can save a lot of auxiliary equipment and tools for core making, such as core oven, dryer, core bone, wax thread, etc.
5 reduce labor intensity, flexible and simple operation, easy to use, electric heating, automatic temperature control, easy to keep the workplace clean, creating conditions for the mechanization and automation of the core making process.
6  it can save costs and improve efficiency.
7. The coated sand of the hot core box is a finished product, which is used directly without mixing. After use, the coated sand manufacturer provides used sand for recycling, thus realizing recycling and being environment-friendly and reliable.

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