What Is The Fault Of The Motor Mechanism Of The Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot blasting machine performance  indicators
Shot blasting machine  electric actuator can run reliably, whether in the specified time and the  provisions of the conditions to complete the specified function, the key lies in  its performance indicators. Performance  indicators are generally expressed in terms of MTBF, which includes parameters  such as basic error, hysteresis, damping, dead zone, and so on. These parameters to some extent reflect the shooting  machine electric actuator performance is good or bad.


Key performance indicators and current  problems
The relevant technical  parameters of the electric actuator of the kind of shot blasting machine: the  number of input channels is 1, the resistance is 250Ω, the basic error is 1%,  the hysteresis is 1.5%, the dead zone is 0.5% ~ 3% adjustable, the damping  characteristic has no disturbance The Although some of these technical parameters of the  electric actuator of the shot blasting machine can be compared with the foreign  counterparts, but due to the domestic production enterprises imperfect operating  mechanism constraints, there are the following drawbacks:
(1) ignore the research and development of the basic  technology of shot blasting machine;
(2) the quality of common components of shot  blasting machine is not high;
(3)  enterprises on the shot blasting machine production quality management is not  strict.

2. Failure analysis

(1) shot blasting machine running  early
The beginning of the operation  is running-in period. During which the  fault is more complex, there are many reasons, such as selection issues, design  and manufacturing problems or installation and environmental issues.  If the torque is too small may affect the  speed of its adjustment or even simply can not be adjusted.
The actual application of the following: the design  did not pay attention to the connecting rod and the executive body of a solid  connection, there shed phenomenon; installation of power lines and signal lines  with the same threading tube, resulting in large signal interference; near  unshielded Large motor equipment, the  impact of the stable operation of the motor; position locator insurance  selection is too large, resulting in its internal choke coil damage.  For these issues, we must observe in a timely  manner, timely detection and processing, so as to avoid unnecessary  losses.


(2) running mid-term
Shot blasting machine running medium, shot blasting  machine electric actuator performance from the run-in period into the adaptation  period, this time the performance was more stable. The emergence of the problem is the existence of  individual electronic components quality problems. Such as the position current converter TAM2, the  middle contactor K1, K2, the torque of the micro switch.
(3) run late
Into the late operation, the aging of components and  transmission parts wear problems began to become extremely serious, such as the  aging of the motor coil caused by reduced insulation, unstable operation; motor  lubrication is not good to reduce the stability of the operation; locator  comparison coil aging or Position  current converter aging to reduce the positioning accuracy; gear unit  transmission components caused by shot blasting machine shot blasting machine  can not adjust the motor and so on. For  these problems, check regularly to prevent major failures. Of course, in all the fault factors, there are still  the actual operation of artificial trampling, process baffle stuck, the process  of misuse and other reasons.

(4) maintenance

From  the actual experience of the maintenance personnel of the shot blasting machine,  the maintenance of the electric actuator of the shot blasting machine should  take different key maintenance measures according to its different use period.  We usually do the following:
1; regular lubrication:  Shot blasting machine electric actuator and motor parts need to use lubricating  oil to lubricate, and the viscosity of the oil and oil temperature changes.  Viscosity is too low, gears and  other parts of the wear and tear increased; viscosity is too high, poor action.  Therefore, regular use of  lubricating oil can extend its service life.
2;  improve the operating environment: In order to ensure the reliability of the  electric actuator of the shot blasting machine, it must ensure that it is  running in the appropriate operating environment, to avoid environmental damp  and other environmental factors caused by short circuit or other  faults.
3; regular  inspection: regular inspection, timely detection of operational accidents, at  least for the fault factor to find help to avoid detours.
4; to  manage the failure of the account: the handling of each failure must do a  detailed record, including the fault phenomenon, fault analysis and search  process, the cause of the failure, treatment methods, preventive measures.  This  not only for the future to deal with similar problems to provide a reference  value, but also through the fault curve to improve the level of finding fault  factors, to achieve a multiplier effect.

Post time: May-09-2018

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