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Automatic wire forming machine, also known as wire-rod automatic forming machine, or CNC wire forming machine, is a wire bending molding process of an important equipment. Used in auto parts, daily hardware products, supermarket shelves display racks, pet cage culture cage, iron wire craft products molding, instead of the original tactics, the people from the simple and boring labor out, wire forming machine, to enhance the quality and efficiency of production.Molding Machine

The working principle of wire forming machine is: wire through the transmission line rack sent to the body, by straightening, delivery line to the machine processing area, through the curl and send spool with folded angle molding, through the rotation of the shaft of various angles, forming, by hydraulic shearing cut off, the reproduction of the next a pieces. Automatic wire                         Forming Machine advantages: automatic servo control, with straightening, with cut, no interference, with push-bend, a molding, unmanned operation, efficiency is the traditional model 4-5 times. A machine can do a variety of shapes, no need to open another mold.Molding Machine

Automatic wire forming Machine structure principle: 1, by the precision stepper motor drive wire wheel rotation, with the PLC and text display instead of stepper motor controller, you can arbitrarily modify the stepper motor slow-rise slow down curve and stepper motor speed, eliminate the impact of mechanical transmission, ensure that the actual transmission line length and theoretical calculation length is consistent; 2. In the design budget, the length of each mm has been divided into 10 pulses, further ensuring the length of the accuracy of the setting; 3, adjustable hydraulic cylinder shearing, can guarantee the neat circle incision, shearing time and retract time can be directly modified on the text display; 4, the design has manual slow feed, slow return function, easy to operate, reduce material loss.Molding Machine

Post time: May-09-2018

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