Working Principle Of Cyclone Dust Collector

Working principle of cyclone dust Remover: Another small flow of air from the air inlet, then flow to the top cover of the cyclone dust remover, and then flow down the outside of the exhaust pipe, when the bottom of the exhaust pipe is reached, that is, the reverse turn is discharged from the exhaust pipe along with the rising central airflow, and the dust particles dispersed in it are taken away with it.Dust Collector

Most of the rotating airflow is simplified from the wall of the device, the spiral from the top downward to the bottom of the cone movement, the formation of a falling dust flow, in the process of intense rotation of the centrifugal force produced by the density far greater than the gas dust particles thrown into the wall, dust particles once contact with the wall, The inertia force is lost and the momentum of the inlet velocity and its gravity fall into the ash bucket along the wall. The downward flow of the swirling air reaches the bottom of the cone. Turn upwards along the axial part of the dust collector. The formation of a rising internal spin flow, and by the exhaust pipe discharge.Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust remover is a dust removal device which separates dust particles from the dust air flow by centrifugal force produced by rotating airflow. It has simple structure, small size, no special ancillary equipment, low cost. Resistance medium, no moving parts in the device, easy operation and maintenance. It is commonly used to capture particles over 5-15 microns. Dust removal efficiency can reach more than 80%, in recent years, the improved special Cyclone dust collector. Its dust removal efficiency can reach more than 5%. The disadvantage of cyclone dust remover is that the efficiency of trapping particles less than 5 microns is not high.Dust Collector

Dust Remover parts in the use of the process is required to carry out certain maintenance measures, this will ensure their normal operation. Installation requirements: First open the side cover plate, remove the spray pipe, hand filter cartridge, the filter cartridge through the skeleton fixed into the filter room; then close the filter cartridge into the flower plate hole, tighten the bottom fixed bolt, Dust Collector

The cartridge is fastened on the flower plate, and then the sealing of the nozzle and the hole of the flower plate is inspected; Adjust the spray blowing hole to the center of the filter bag mouth, fixed the nut on the spray pipe, cover the upper cover plate. Gas Package pulse valve and the connection between the nozzle shall not leak. Box and ash bucket by positioning bolts locked, leveling, on-site welding, welding shall not leak.Dust Collector

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