ZH650 Hot Core shooter machine will be work

This Hot Box Sand  Core shooter Machine ZH660 uses coated sand as the production material. Sand is injected into one or two nozzles in turn or simultaneously through high-pressure airflow.

The mould is heated (electricity or gas) to 180-240 and solidified to form. Sand and shell moulds can be made. The forming period of a shell is usually 60-300 seconds (depending on the size of the sand mould).

The product has smooth surface and high strength. It can be used after forming. It greatly shortens the core-making time and process flow, and has high production efficiency.           

This series of machine occupies a small area, is easy to operate, and the process parameters can be adjusted.           

Electric heating, compressed air as power.           

Automatic control of two-way mould temperature.           

Imported electrical appliances or domestic well-known brand electrical appliances.           

Control mode: manual, point, one-week automatic, automatic.           

Automatic control of sand feeding machine and sand filling in sand bucket.            

Optional devices: control mode, core car, bucket elevator, hydraulic control, gas heating.            

Machinery can be customized according to your product. If there are special requirements for configuration, it should be stated in advance when ordering.


This customer is our old user in China, before they ordered our core shooter machine ZH66, the total quantity is about 60sets , it is so large quantity as one customer ! They said the quality of our core shooter is the best one !

Post time: Apr-12-2019

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