• Standardization of Foundry Industry

    Standardization of Foundry Industry

       The National Foundry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Standardization Committee”) held the “6th National Foundry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee Establishment Conference and the First Working Conference” in Qua...
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  • 2020 is coming, are you ready ?

    2020 is coming, are you ready ?

    On New Year’s Eve, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year greeting in 2002. Talking about “first heart and mission”, talking about “working with one heart and one mind”, talking about “wishes” and “expectations”, Xi Jinping talked abou...
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  • Suspension Chain Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

    Suspension Chain Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

    Chain Type Shot Blasting Machine introduction The workpiece of the suspension chain type shot blasting machine can run continuously and step by step along with the suspension chain, or the workpiece can be transported by adopting an advanced accumulation and pushing type suspension chain, so tha...
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  • Application of Shot Blasting Machine in Foundry industry

           Shot blasting machine is firstly applied to remove the surface sand and oxide scale of cast steel and iron castings in the casting foundry industry.  Almost all steel castings, gray castings, malleable iron castings, ductile iron castings, etc. need to shot blasting machine.  This is not o...
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  • How to work of multi-piston pneumatic molding machine ?

    How to work of multi-piston pneumatic molding machine ?

        Qingdao Huaxin’s multi-piston moulding machine can be used for making mould by clay Green sand in various casting workshops. It can be used singly or in a mechanized assembly line or in a semi-automatic line.      Features of multi-piston moulding machine:     1, pneumatic multi-contact...
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  • What is Shell Core ?

    What is Shell Core ?

                         Characteristics and Advantages of Shell Core Machine Tag: mould pattern, core shooting machine, shell core machine, hot core box, coated sand core making machine , Automatic shell core machine, Foundry machhinery , Sand casting technology —————&#...
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  • Static Pressure Molding Line Technology

    Static Pressure Molding Line Technology

    Main characteristics of the static pressure moulding line:    As a user , before purchasing static pressure moulding line , they must be know the Static Pressure Molding Line Technology and later can choose which one is the best for themselves.   As one of the largest molding line manufacturer i...
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  • What is Sand Casting Terminology in Foundry plant ?

    What is Sand Casting Terminology in Foundry plant ? 1.Green sand – Green sand is moist, clay-bonded sand used for creating molds in sand casting foundries. Green sand is made by combining very fine sand such as silica or olivine, with bentonite clay and water.  Molds made out of green san...
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  • What is Sand casting Technology  ?

    What is Sand casting Technology ?

    Sand casting Technology              Casting process is melting metal to a liquid and pouring it into the casting mould. After cooling, solidification and shot blast cleaning, the casting with predetermined shape, size and properties can be obtained.                        There are three parts i...
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  • Sand Casting

    Sand Casting

    Sand Casting – Sand Casting is a method that takes sand as the main raw material and liquid metal fills the whole mold cavity completely by gravity to form castings. The sand blasting process drawing : Advantage:             1) Wide range of use;              2) Wide range of materials ca...
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  • How to clean the moulding machine

    The process of heat treatment, plastic, rust treatment and rough machining of the castings after cleaning. Casting after treatment is the last process of the production of casting equipment. Casting cleaning will remove the casting from the mold, remove the excess parts outside the body, and grin...
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  • Q3220 apron type shot blasting machine

    Equipment uses: Suitable for shot blasting cleaning of large quantities of small castings, forgings and weldments, It can satisfy the technological requirements of shot blasting cleaning for various materials, and can realize the automatic control of PLC and continuous production operation.It c...
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  • What are the benefits of a full automatic static molding shaping line?

    What are the benefits of a full automatic static molding shaping line?

                     Full automatic static molding shaping line Advantages : -High ability for compaction sand, rigid and dense mould, suitable to manufacture of complex castings. -Good working condition and labour saving. -Dimensional stability and better surface roughness. -Mould plate with high ra...
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  • Getting ready for a blast

    1, check the equipment operation is normal. If spray nozzle is damaged, such as lighting, ventilation, compressed air is normal, the device sand leaks, if any of the foregoing, necessary repairs can only be conducted in a timely manner. 2, verify routes and match parts, avoid part wrong. Inventor...
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  • Shot blasting machines and sandblast machine what is the difference?

    1) difference between blasting and sandblasting: sandblasting are mechanical or purification of compressed air, spray sand flow strongly to metal surfaces, use the abrasive force of impact, knocks the dirt on it, and achieve the purpose cleanup or modification process. Sandblasting is mainly for...
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  • How to choose a better shot blasting machine?

    Energy costs continue to rise, the country’s focus on energy saving and environmental protection promotes the technological development of shot blasting machine industry. In view of this mixed bag of shot blasting machinery industry situation, how to select a shot blasting machine, to lower...
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  • Shot-blasting machine parts-oriented use and maintenance

    Hook type shot-blasting machine, its directional set of rectangular Windows are more prone to wear, so often or regularly check the wear condition, to be able to adjust the directional window position, or replace the redirect. Under normal circumstances, if directional window of the 10MM, it can ...
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  • Through shot blasting machine electrical system specifications

    In the shot blasting machine, due to various reasons will inevitably produce a variety of failures, resulting in shot blasting machine is not working properly, not only affect the productivity, which will also cause equipment failure. Therefore, after blasting machine electrical failure, shot bla...
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  • Shot blast machine dust-common problems and solutions

    Use the blasting machine must be installed dust collector. In order to remove rust and other dust; Dust cartridge dust collector-oriented General; because of dust collection efficiency, high accuracy, small size and so on. Shot blast machine dust-common problems and solutions: 1. shot blast machi...
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  • Consequences of throwing shield from failure to replace

    Blast wheel shot blasting machine is the most important part, shot by the motor, top designer plates, side plates, side protection plates, fixed, block sand table, spindle, combination plates, blades, impeller, targeted cover, impeller, bearings, etc. Throwing pills device wear Nursing Board is u...
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  • Folding track-type shot blasting machine

    Crawler-type shot blasting machine, suitable for all kinds of parts surface cleaning. All kinds of metal surface cleaning of castings, black Rust on the surface of metal parts, stamping Burr and Burr on the surface of the abate, forging and heat treatment surface treatment of workpieces and sprin...
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  • Overview of folding hook type shot blasting machine

    Advantages: 1. big shot, a high toss velocity international advanced cantilever type centrifugal impeller, can significantly improve the quality of cleaning rate, access to satisfactory cleaning. 2. simulation of projectile and all drawings are completely shot blasting machine using computer-aide...
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  • Shot blasting machine safe operation

    1. Prohibition of shot blasting machine without protective equipment operation. 2. must be open when you add or recycling iron fan, horizontal, bucket elevator and vertical spiral. 3. periodic open dust-pulse-jet cleaning to remove dust. Extended dust time pulse after 30 minutes of downtime. 4. i...
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  • Drum blast machines what are the common faults

    Fault: shot blasting machine running deviation Phenomenon: road, rail and roller inner ring raised bite, road-rail damage. Solution: adjust the wheel bearing screws so that the drum running in a normal state. Breakdown II: steel shot blasting machine is not enough Phenomenon: Clean long, ineffect...
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