(Also known as “HUAXIN GROUP”) is the largest lead sand casting machinery & foundry machinery manufacturer in China and ranks No. 2 of the top in shandong foundry line 2016. We have six production companies with over 200 employees producing about 50 million in 2016.

We design and manufacture and supply all kinds of sand casting machinery ( molding machine, core making machine, shot blasting machine, sand preparation ), sand molding machine can provide semi-auto jolt squeeze molding machine and automatic sand Static pressure molding line; core shooter have cold box and hot core box ; there are so many kinds of shot blast cleaning machines. You can check tumble shot blasting, hanger type blast , We can also supply foundry machinery related accessories as well as technical support for new foundry plant establishment.

sand casting


The product of Qingdao huaxin covers foundry plant and steel industry including Hardware industry, automobile industry, steel industry ,bearing and mold pattern industry , valve supplier and shipyard factory.Today, with nearly 5,000 sand moulding machines and shot blasting systems installed around the world, qingdao hua xin Corporation’s sales and service operations extend from manufacturing sites in North America, South America and China through offices in the U.S., Europe, Brazil and Shanghai to every corner of the globe.

Research&Development Capability

Since its founding in 1998 as Qingdao huaxin Corporation, the mission of Qingdao huaxin corporation has been to develop the most innovative solutions possible for the automation of green sand molding, sand core making machine, sand preparation and shot blast cleaning g processes throughout the foundry industry.Our inventions have earned nearly 20 patents in China. And our innovations have reached from 1998 into the 21st century.Innovation is always the genes of qingdao hua xin Corporation Culture.



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